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Dear Dr. Kal,

 I am writing to thank you for the excellent care you recently gave me.  Your kindness and patience was so very much appreciated.  As a person who has battled with fear of dentists for many years, your calm kind, yet professional manner put me at ease and helped me to relax and cope with the treatment needed.  the fact that you patiently explained everything carefully to me as you were about to do it, really helped. It was also great that you actually left time for the local anaesthetic to work before starting (which many dentists I have visited in the past have not done !).  The reception staff were welcoming and friendly, helping to put me at ease and Dr. Kan was completely understanding of my fears and did not make me feel foolish.  You took the time to discuss the possible reasons behind my dentist phobia and encouraged my use of relaxation techniques.

The work done by Dr Kal was of the highest standard.  He also completed it in as few visits as he could so that I did not have to prolong the process any longer than necessary.  My toothache is healed, my check up completed ( for the first time in about 10 years!) and I feel completely confident and comfortable returning for regular check ups.  Dr. Kal is the first dentist I have ever felt happy to visit (and I’m 52 years old!).  I can highly recommend him and would be happy to do so by phone or by email if any further questions arise.

Thank you Dr. Kal.

Yours in appreciation,

Siobhan Taylor