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Treatment & Fees

We encourage our patients to attend regular dental check-ups; the frequency of these reviews will be based on a patient’s current dental health.

This allows us to keep an eye on the dental and periodontal health of our patients and enables us to advise on the best techniques for maintaining good dental health.

Check ups and Consultations from £35 

X-Ray from £5

X-rays may be required for assessment and diagnosis during patient consultations and examinations.

Scale and Polish (periodontal / gum treatment) from £65

Our experienced hygienist will clean your teeth in a manor that is individually tailored to patients needs, removing stains and helping to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and oral cancer. In addition patients are advised on the most effective products and bushing techniques. Scale and Polish appointments are also available with Dr Kal on request (also from £50).

Fillings from £95

We don’t use metal amalgam for our fillings, all of our filling are white. The cost depends on materials used and complexity. All fillings are tailored to the shade of existing teeth.

Extractions from £95  

For children tooth extractions start at £50 each. The cost depends on the complexity of the extraction.

Crowns from £450

The crown of a tooth is the portion of the tooth that is visible in the month. An artificial crown is fitted to restore and protect a broken, weakened, or heavily filled tooth.

Denture from £650

A denture is a removable fixture that replaces missing teeth. The cost depends on materials used and complexity.

Veneer from £850

A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured material that is put onto the tooth; primarily to improve appearance but can also improves function. The cost depends on materials used and complexity.

Root Canal Treatment from £375

Implant Dentistry  Single Tooth Implant £2900

Price incudes placing of implant and the building of the accompanying crown; if bone graphing is required an extra £500 charge will apply. Sedation (available on request) – prices start at £500 but are determined in accordance to individual Treatment Plans.

Tooth Whitening £350

Price includes trays for home use

Bite Guard Hard £395 / Soft £195

Sport Mouth Guard from £95

Terms of Payment
We request that all fees are settled at the end of each appointment. For more extensive treatments payment can be split into smaller amounts and settled at regular intervals throughout the period of treatment.  Please note that we accept payment by cash, by cheque, or by credit and debit cards.

Notice of Cancellation
We would ask that you inform us as early as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment. Given less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation we reserve the right to make a charge for appointments that cannot be refilled.

Emergency Appointments
Within opening hours. Emergency appointments are available each day; please contact reception early in the day to allow as to offer you an emergency appointment.

Outside opening hours
Emergency advice and treatment for serious conditions is available for our patients. This can be obtained by telephoning the reception.

British Dental Guidelines
CK Dental Health Clinic complies with all of the British Dental Guidelines.